Geo Chem Hydro Consulting has three divisions

As a team we encourage each other/division to work together to maximise the ability of being innovative with each project. We strive to promote continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations at a cost-effective price.

  • hydro consulting

• Wastewater, groundwater, stormwater sampling
• Water and Wastewater management planning
• Surface water sampling
• Construction and execution of sampling plan/s.
• Hydrocensus Projects
• Water borehole drilling supervision
• Wetland studies and sampling
• Pump testing
• Groundwater reserve determination
• Sitting borehole through geophysical investigation

  • geo consulting

• Quarry mining application
• Sedimentology to Seismic modelling
• Exploration reports
• Site visit for Environment impact assessment
• Geological mapping and logging

  • chem and lab consulting

• Laboratory services
All our samples are analysed at sanas accredited labs
• Kinetic leach test
• On-site chemical testing
• Supply affordable portable toilets
• Cleaning of sewers
• Inspection of sewer, water and stormwater pipe networks
• Delivery of portable water to unserviced areas as well as during emergency water breakdowns