Our Chem and Lab Consulting division can provide onsite pH , Electrical Conductivity , Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) , Dissolved Oxygen (DO) , Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Chlorine tests and results. Our results are also supported by the laboratory tests if requested. At Geo Chem Hydro Consulting we send all our samples to a SANAS accredited lab to ensure the most accurate data.

Interdisciplinary semblances steered this company in providing contractual mobile toilet hires especially in the Gauteng region. Chemical Toilet known as portable toilets/loos can be hired for construction sites, large gatherings such as music festivals, funerals, weddings etc at an affordable rate.

We can now place toilets at a position that suits you, our consumer. Whether you choose to use the standard toilets or the Executive toilets. For your comfort, the toilets have locks on the doors. Mobile toilets are a lot more convenient to use and are more hygienic. If you already have portable toilets on site, we also service and clean them for you.

• Laboratory services All our samples are analysed at sanas accredited labs
• Kinetic leach test
• On-site chemical testing
• Supply affordable portable toilets
• Cleaning of sewers
• Inspection of sewer, water and stormwater pipe networks
• Delivery of portable water to unserviced areas as well as during emergency water breakdowns